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Cybers Cafe News Headlines This Week: Experian on data breaches, Citrix cyber attack, IoT Failures, Google attacks...

Cybers Cafe News Headlines This Week: Experian on data breaches, Citrix cyber attack, IoT Failures, Google attacks...

In the news this week as reported by Cybers Cafe - Experian data on data breaches, Citrix attacked by Cybercriminals, Google trends, IoT vulnerabilties and more...

More Than a Third of Companies are Unprepared to Respond to a Data Breach, say Experian

Are companies ready for today's sophisticated cybercriminals and impact of data breaches? Experian's annual corporate study, Is Your Company Ready for a Big Data Breach?, reveals that progress has been made, but companies need to do better...


Citrix Attacked by Cybercriminals

Citrix is stating that its internal network has been hit by international cybercriminals. The digital workspace and enterprise networks vendor said in a website notice that the FBI contacted it on Wednesday, saying that there was evidence of a successful cyberattack on its network...

IoT Devices Always Under Attack

Secure your IoT devices say security specialist Cyxtera Technologies, after research found that IoT devices are now under constant attack. The research was conducted jointly by Cyxtera threat researcher Martin Ochoa and researchers from the Singapore University of Technology and Design.

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Google Trending Cyber Attack Recent News

At the moment, the news which is hitting google headlines when it comes to cyber attacks is the Symantec’s latest blog post which says that it has identified hacking group ‘Whitefly’ as a source which targeted Singapore’s health care services provider SingHealth last year...

France Attacks Social Media Giants

Other countries including the U.K., Germany and Spain are also working on their own digital tax measures. The French tax would apply to companies that generate worldwide revenues on their digital services of at least 750 million euros ($847 million), with 25 million euros ($28 million) from within France...

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