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Google Has Launched New Cloud Security Services

Google Has Launched New Cloud Security Services

Google has introduced new services to provide cloud customers with improved protection from unsafe websites, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, and other threats.

With the newly introduced Web Risk API, currently in beta, client applications can check URLs against Google’s lists of unsafe web resources, such as phishing and deceptive sites, and sites hosting malware or unwanted software.

The new Google Cloud service allows organizations to quickly identify known bad sites and warn users that clicking on specific links may lead to risky pages. It can also be used to prevent users from posting links to known malicious pages, Google have announced.


Powered by the same technology as Safe Browsing, Web Risk API leverages data on over a million unsafe URLs that Google maintains by examining billions of links each day, and allows enterprises to leverage the technology to keep their users safe.

Google also announced the general availability of Cloud Armor, a DDoS defense and Web Application Firewall (WAF) service for the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Based on the same technology used to protect services such as Search, Gmail and YouTube, Cloud Armor delivers L3/L4 DDoS defense, along with IP Allow/Deny capabilities for applications or services behind the Cloud HTTP/S Load Balancer.

The release is accompanied by a new Cloud Armor dashboard in Stackdriver Monitoring to monitor and analyze traffic subject to Cloud Armor protection, while also making it easy for users to evaluate the potential impact of proposed rules on their whole project.

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